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We are a fully integrated renewable energy company specializing in management, recovery & utilization of landfill methane.

The separate listing of Montauk Holdings was established through the distribution, by way of unbundling, by Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited to its shareholders its 99.7% interest in the company on 15 December 2014.

Montauk Holdings develops, owns and operates large scale renewable energy projects utilising landfill methane in the USA. The Group has over 20 years experience in permitting, design, construction and operation of energy facilities utilising LFG and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Group’s expertise and experience includes, inter alia, the following:

  • pipeline quality gas production;
  • electric power generation;
  • carbon reduction and offset credits;
  • renewable energy credits; and
  • LFG collection system operations.

Montauk Holdings has an established operational platform of large scale renewable energy projects in the USA where the Group currently operates 14 LFG sites. The Group’s long history of success in the LFG industry, complemented by a veteran management team who have extensive specialty experience in LFG, has cemented the Group’s reputation as a respected and knowledgeable player in the LFG and renewable energy industries. Over the last 20 years the Group has nurtured excellent working relationships with waste management companies and has established itself as a leading developer of new waste to energy sites in the USA. This has resulted in the Group being recognised as the largest producer of LFG-derived pipeline quality natural gas in the USA as well as a major producer of renewable electricity from LFG.

The Group offers turnkey services in the development, operation and management of LFG fuelled renewable energy projects through the provision of a comprehensive service spanning operations, regulatory compliance, engineering, construction and back-office functions. Field operations are staffed internally and are supported by corporate operations and engineering staff. Montauk Holdings differentiates itself from competitors through its extensive experience across all categories of commercialised beneficial use for processed LFG including pipeline quality natural gas, power generation, boiler fuel gas, carbon reduction, and alternative vehicle fuel production.

For further information on the operations of Montauk Holdings go to www.montaukenergy.com




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